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The Handmade Soap Co, Lavender Rosemary,Thyme and Mint Hand Lotion Refill 500 ml

The Handmade Soap Company



Refill not landfill. Introducing refills for our popular Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme & Mint Hand Lotion.  

We are working hard researching and developing new ways to bring our sustainable ethos into our product range and your home. We estimate that this refill uses between 60-70% less plastic and 55-60% less energy is used in manufacturing.

A nourishing yet light and easily absorbed hand lotion with ingredients carefully chosen to gently care for hands and wrists. The special scent blend was inspired by an Irish herb garden, restorative and restful lavender is paired with extracts of rosemary, thyme and mint to give a fragrance which is gentle and rejuvenating.

Even hard-working hands can be sensitive sorts so our hand lotion has been specially formulated to pamper and protect all skin types.