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Eau Lovely Eau So Grateful Gemstone Candle

Irish Botanicals



An uplifting and inspiring new range of candles from Eau Lovely in Dublin.

Gift this candle with real gemstones or simply enjoy yourself. 

The Eau so Grateful is a gorgeous new candle from the new gift range from Dublin company Eau Lovely with White Moonstone Gemstones on top that you are left with after you burn.


White Moonstone stress relieving and is popular as an excellent healing stone. It gives the light of hope to the dark heavy heart… White Moonstone also has meaning and properties to enhance childbirth luck with the light inside White Moonstone said to be a symbol of “new life”.

A great addition to your home and a perfect gift for a friend. Once the candle is burnt out you will be left with the gemstones.

Presented in a gorgeous amber jar that can also be reused in a lovely sustainable gift box with a little note card inside with a beautiful verse "We believe that everything is possible "


  • 100% Soy Wax Candles
  • Including Gemstones
  • Presented In Gift Box
  • By EAU Lovely
  • Made In Ireland